Overcome The Inertia

by In Time We Rise

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Hi everybody! This is the first album of the music of In Time We Rise. American Rock and Roll! Lets all have some fun, passion, peace and joy!


released August 1, 2016

Dino Lionetti: Recording Engineer
The Fire: Recording Studio
Ryan Bleaken: Mastering
Jordan Crouse: Drums



all rights reserved


In Time We Rise Voorhees Township, New Jersey

Guitarist, Pianist, Composer, former band member of Chromelodeon, always wanting to improve, always a lover of Rock and Roll.

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Track Name: Resonance
Ive had enough of your constant lies
fed to us through your own disguise
get nothing done, with your compromise
while everyone is losing their lives

when is enough, just enough for you?
there'll be a time when we cant pay for food
we need a miracle just to see us through
cause our land is divided in two

its no surprise that we're in this mess
even though that they wont confess
that every year we make do with less
rise in the east and fall in the west

were at a point wheres theres no return
repeat the past with no lessons to learn
we need the truth so we can discern
or let it all go and watch it burn

now is the time for these games to end
nothing to fear or to apprehend
dont believe anything you see
unless it comes from you and me
rise of the souls in this changing world
indigo boys and starseed girls
bursting with inspired nations
exponential acceleration
one final push towards paradise
to be like buddha and jesus christ
and away we go to the promised land of light
and whoa

we'll explore inner outer space
miraculous will be commonplace
start right here without any haste
lets go now theres no time to waste!
Track Name: Leveler
can you feel it?
cause the world is going down
its the end of everything and everyone around
does it matter?
does it matter anyway?
of course it does cause the only thing thats left has been thrown away

try for the moment of the now
were gonna make it through somehow
let go of all the heavy clouds and make it loud
all that you do will come around
so plant your feet right on the ground
sing to the sky and make a sound how its coming down

she knows the way how its gonna be
find an opening to sow the seed
let it grow far into the stars
only then will we know who we are

would you know it?
thats the world is coming up
we'll see the light as the dawn of a new age shines above the night
stay together
you know its the only way
there be a time when the only thing thats left will be here to stay

wake up from this reality
theres only possibility
some things you never really see so make the case
dont let our spirit go to waste
we'll meet each other face to face
and let the system change its place this world is ours

he knows the way how its gonna end
find a beginning to tell us when
we will go far right into the stars
only then will we know who we are

we know the way how were gonna ascend
find a path that we can comprehend
leveler light metaversal heart
infinite life going back to the start
Track Name: Just Gimme The Truth
man on the set
he wont give me the truth
from all the pain that they have caused
to people just like me and you

when will it end?
fightings just began
between us and everyone
for all the money by the ton

wont you give me the truth
wont you give me the truth

weve got to rise
punish all of their lives
why do they all get away
while someone else has to die?

wont you give me the truth
wont you give me the truth

all the problems in the world comes from only one thing, the banking cartel transfering all your wealth from your hard work to thier accounts which is used to buy all the power pieces in the chessboard including all the pawns who fight for freedom but instead fight to keep interestes profitable for the status quo

whoa just gimme the truth
give me the truth
whoa just gimme the truth
long live the truth
just gimme the truth!
Track Name: Rise Again
Im all alone, with no light to call my own
tell me how, how can I, save myself, from this night?
I will remain, silent, till the end
when it comes to take me on, ill be here, to rise again

everything, everywhere is filled with fear
disappear, all is gone, where do I, go from here?
now is all we need for us to succeed
when it comes, we will know, what its like, truly free

we will remain, silent till the end
when it comes, to take us on, we'll be here to rise again